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  • 泓宇網絡簽約Ningbo?Vernal公司外貿網站建設
  • TIME:2013/5/7/TYPE:公司動態

    Ningbo Vernal Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. Is a young, great-hearted and rapidly growing trade enterprise. We have established strong business relations with the manufacturers. Our product range covers the following series: Fitness equipments, LED flashlights, Personal care, Beauty care, Electric hair-dryers , First aid kits, Outdoor things, and other products.

    Vernal realize the competition of today's market, we committed to continuously investing in product development, bringing high quality, innovative and effective products to the market and assure you our products are both excellent in quality and reasonable in price, so as to create the best value for our customers worldwide. As you know, your success is our success. Pleased to take the opportunity with us to start the friendly business.